Relaxation Massage

Duration: 30 – 85 min

Price: from CZK 390

The relaxation massage is (as the name suggests) for relaxation and rest, fast recovery of your energy and harmonization of your body and mind. If you are under constant pressure and experience everyday stress, there is nothing better but entrust yourself to hands of our skilled masseurs and masseuses.


Find your inner peace during a relaxation massage

We will help you to find your inner peace again and your body will regain the much-needed energy. Discover beneficial effects of the relaxation massage. Treat yourself to a massage not only when you need to release stress but any time you have performed a physically demanding activity such as working out in a gym. Your body will regenerate faster.


The relaxation massage will help you to get rid of a backache and pain in your nape and shoulders. It will help you when suffering from sleeping disorders and brings a feeling of relaxation and ease.