Face and Nape Massage

Duration: 30 min

Price: from CZK 420

The face and nape massage provides mental relieve and beautifies your face. Beneficial effects will be twice as intensive. Firstly, your exhausted and stressed muscles will be relieved; secondly, you will be able to keep your younger look much longer as this massage prevents wrinkles from deepening.


Come to Relax Days Wellness Centre and try the face and nape massage. Our experienced masseuses will, by means of right movements, relax your face muscles. At the same time, blood circulation in your face muscles will be promoted, your face oxygenated and lymphatic circulation improved. Thanks to this, your complexion will be able to absorb cosmetic products better. Your nape will then enjoy the wonderful tension-free feeling lasting for a long time. The face and nape massage is also suitable for men, although it is enjoyed mostly by women.